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Cookies Policy

Below is a list of all the cookies that are stored on your computer when you browse this website.

Name What Does it Do? Who put it there?
ASP.NET_SessionId This site uses the Micorsoft ASP.NET server side scripting language. This cookie is used by the server to identify your current session. The website server
__utma This is used keep track of the number of visits you make to this site and when your first and most recent visit was. Google Analytics
__utmb & __utmc __utmb makes a timestamp of the moment you entered the site. __utmc makes a timestamp of the moment you left the site. These values can be used to determine the duration of your visit. Google Analytics
__utmz This identifies how you got to this site (by search engine, by clicking a link on another site or typing the address directly into the browser address bar). It also identifies your general location. This is often just the town you are in, we cannot identify your exact location. Google Analytics