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Pro-Active Search

Historically Executive Search Methodologies have only been applied for very senior roles in business and the service has been viewed by many as slow and expensive!

The world has changed and now everyone in a business has to have the relevant skills and experience and be
“Fit For Purpose" to deliver value in a specific and necessary role.

We ensure that we build a detailed picture of the type of person or people you are looking to hire, not only in terms of experience and competencies, but also in terms of your business culture, ethos and style. This thorough and broader understanding allows us to represent you both accurately and credibly to make sure all candidates are qualified to be part of your business and its ambitions.

At FFP we apply traditional Search Methods against all projects, whatever the level, as we believe everyone needs to add immediate value to your business as a specialist. Our very pro-active and sales based approach means that relevant prospective candidates are mapped, approached and pre-screened within the first 2 weeks of a project and by week 3 we are holding face to face interviews with the most qualified individuals. This enables shortlist delivery within 3-4 weeks and the hiring completed normally within 4-6 weeks of FFP being engaged.

We have a proven process that delivers a real choice of the best available talent in your chosen market or geography.


If you are proud and confident about your company and you want to hire great people, then let us support you and drive a pro-active search for your company - Search does not have to be slow and expensive!

Please contact us if you would like to understand more about how FFP can help your business by only employing the best available talent.

We do not compromise - neither should you!

Assess, analyse and search harder, ensuring people are “Fit For Purpose” and businesses thrive